Thursday, March 1, 2007

Flying Out Of The Box

When I first turned the Nikon D80 on, it was a whole new world from using a "point & shoot." It was like the first time I flew an airplane into a controlled airport. I was very new to flying, my brain still had to analyze and reanalyze every action before my body could respond. My flight instructor had just introduced me to using the radio, before that she was doing all the radio communications, while I struggled to manage the flight controls. As we approached the airport she asked me to talk to the tower. I had to think about every word, and then analyze every response, at the same time my brain was struggling to make my body manage the flight controls. I was soon into overload and had to ask her to take over communications, because my brain was short circuiting.

Very shortly after this first experience, flying into that controlled airport was no problem. Managing the flight controls had become second nature (like driving a car) and radio communications were just like talking while driving.

My first experience with the D80 felt just like this. All these buttons, dials, settings, and unknown terms. I was instantly in overload.

I assure you, just 3 days later, after reading over the manual and fiddling with the settings, the work load is seeming much more manageable. At the same time the quality of our pictures is improving.

Stay tuned.

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